At 310 miles long, the St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida.  It’s also one of very few rivers in the United States that flows north.  Flowing through 12 Florida counties, it moves from northeast Florida to the Atlantic Ocean, and at its largest point is almost 3 miles wide. Aside from its magnificence and uniqueness, it’ also a recreational delight.

The St. Johns River flows north?

Yep, you read that right! The vast majority of rivers in the world flow from north to south due to most river’s sources being mountains. However the St. Johns River goes against that flow.  The reasoning behind the unusual flow is the slight slope in the river itself.  Beginning in the Saint John’s Marsh, the rivers course slowly lowers about 30 feet to the mouth meeting the Atlantic Ocean. 

River Wildlife

St. Johns River Manatees
Florida’s State Marine Mammal, the Manatee

Alligators inhabit all 67 counties in Florida and it’s common to see them here on the banks of the St. Johns River too.  Manatees, Florida’s state marine mammal also make the river their home. In fact if you stay at The Club Continental, right on the river’s edge, you can see St. Johns River Manatees from your balcony! The St. Johns River is also known as the Bass Fishing Capital of the World. Rich in fisheries it has crappie, bluegills, catfish and other varieties freshwater fish. Where the St. Johns River meets the Wekiva River, Rhesus Monkeys are found.  It’s not known how they first got here, but they’re known for their swimming abilities and have adapted well to their home on the St. Johns River.

Fun on the St. Johns River

During the spring and summer months, visitors can enjoy clear waters for swimming, boating, and scuba diving along the river’s connected watersheds. Augustine Beach and others has a lot to offer beach goers, whether they’re looking for a place to bodyboard, surf, swim, or simply enjoy the sun.

St. Johns River view
View of the St. Johns River from The Club Continental

Lodging on the St. Johns River

Looking to stay on the banks of the St. Johns River? Look no further than the beautiful Club Continental in Orange Park. Located just 26 miles south of Jacksonville, charming Orange Park gets you out of the city and into old world Florida. Come stay with us!